Ashley Boyce
Ashley Boyce

Squat 265

Clean 200

Jerk 220

Snatch 165

Bench 195


Crossfit Level 1 Online Certification

Professional Baby Maker

Ashley Boyce

I'm a Yankee transplant, originally from Ohio. I've been in Louisana for the last 12 years working as a large animal veterinary technician at the LSU vet school.  After a brief 6mos adventure doing Insanity to lose weight in 2016, I decided I couldn't go back to a regular gym. So I started looking for crossfit. And I never looked back. I discovered my love for Olympic lifting after my first hail mary snatch in the 2017 OPEN and have been striving for perfection ever since. My hobbies include hiking, trail running, beach trips, tattoos, and bulldogs. I currently breed english bulldogs and have 5 family companions that occupy any time I don't have. My favorite lift is the Snatch and favorite wod is a tie between Karen and DT.